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Daniel Jay / Christian Entertainer

Daniel Jay has been performing for churches and church groups since the early 90s.  With training from events such as the International Festival of Puppetry and Ventriloquism he has been able to create a ministry that stands out and keeps churches talking long after the performance is over.  Get a show that presents the word of God that is not watered down but is entertaining.  With Daniel Jay’s “Love Your Neighbor” show you get plenty of fun and interaction with your congregation as well as performances by Fuzzball the Cat, Gill the Bird and a introducing our new puppet “Girl”!

Call today to book Daniel Jay, The Family Ventriloquist, for a special Saturday Evening Performance for your church.  You’ll be glad you did.  Winter dates filling up quickly and we’re scheduling out to 2017!  At just $350 (plus travel for 50 miles or over) you’ll want to get this  booked now and start promoting.

The Daniel Jay “Love Your Neighbor” Show

  • Introduction
  • Fuzzball the Cat (ventriloquism & song)
  • We’re All The Same (rope trick)
  • Fooled Again (memorization example with book, assistant)
  • How’d You Do That (congregation learns a couple tricks, assistant)
  • Am I Your Neighbor? (sketchboard, assistant)
  • 21st Century Jesus (silk trick)
  • Girl (ventriloquism & song)
  • Gill the Bird (ventriloquism & song)
  • Sketchboard (closing message “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”)