Ziff has been with Daniel longer than any of his other friends. They met one day in downtown Youngstown where Ziff was waiting for a bus at the Greyhound station. He was a couple bucks short for his ticket to New York and it just so happened that Daniel had a little extra. They became good friends and had a great time hanging out. Ziff always got called away to do odd jobs for the “family” but still had fun with Daniel in his 1967 Camaro, especially in the winter time when they would go to the nearest parking lot and do donuts (ah the days of rear wheel drive!)

Oddly enough even though Daniel has aged quite a bit since the late 70s Ziff still looks as good as he did then. A few of Ziff’s favorites are:

  1. Family
  2. Girls
  3. Pizza
  4. Girls
  5. Spaghetti
  6. Girls
  7. 3 Piece Suits
  8. Did we mention Ziff likes GIRLS?